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Spongean Menstrual sponges

Spongean Menstrual sponges

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The natural alternative to conventional tampons. Hypoallergenic, reusable period sponges.

Used by women as natural tampons, menstrual sponges are comfortable, non-irritating, money saving and eco friendly.

The box contains 4 period sponges in different sizes, each for a different flow volume: 1 Ultra small (1.5″-2.0″), 1 extra small (2.0″-2.5″), 1 small (2.5″-3.0″) and 1 small medium (3.0″-3.5″).

These 4 menstrual sponges contained in this box might be your ultimate natural alternative to conventional tampons or other synthetic period sponges.

Worn inside the body to absorb menstrual flow, menstrual sea sponges are ultra comfortable, reusable, non-irritating and hygienic. They are also easy to insert, easy to clean and maintain.

The box contains 4 Caribbean silk natural sea sponges of the finest quality, each a different size for various flow volumes. Durable and elastic, with an almost spherical shape, this fibrous natural sponge type is the most appropriate choice for menstrual use as it has a perfect vaginal fit and very high absorbency.

What you’ll find in our fully recyclable paper-craft box:

  • 1 ultra small (1.5″-2.0″) silk sponge for low flow volume.
  • 1 extra small (2.0″-2.5″) silk sponge for medium flow volume.
  • 1 small (2.5″-3.0″) silk sponge for high flow volume.
  • 1 small medium (3.0″-3.5″) silk sponge for maximum flow volume.
  • Cotton string and needle.
  • Illustrated comprehensive instructions for use and maintenance in 4 languages EN|GE|ES|FR.
  • Impressively absorbent – Our box contains 4 carefully selected and processed Caribbean silk sea sponges of premium quality, impressively absorbent, very long lasting & ideal for feminine hygiene.

  • Reusable & washable – The sponges can be cleaned, disinfected and re-used for several times. Recommendation: Although our sponges can have a very long life (especially when properly maintained), we do not recommend that you keep using the same ones for longer than 6 months.

  • Hypoallergenic and hygienic – With natural antibacterial properties, menstrual sea sponges are naturally friendlier for your body than conventional tampons. They are non-irritating and they do not retain odors or develop any kind of bad smell.

  • 100% organic & natural – Free of toxic substances and cancer causing chemicals, such as dioxins, furans or fragrances. Also, our sponges are sustainable and eco friendly products. Their production and use do not harm the environment.

  • Comfortable & easy to use – Because of their texture and shape, these sponges feel ultra comfortable. They can be easily inserted and easily adapted (with some trimming if required). 

Important note

Due to the natural origin of the sea sponge, there might be instances where the sponges you receive slightly vary in shape and/or color shade from those presented on our website. Rest assured however that you have made the right choice since all our products are of excellent quality.

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