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A success story!

Based upon the solid foundations of granddad Artemis’s winemaking tradition since 1952, the winery made a dynamic entry in contemporary winemaking in 2004, when grandson Artemis Karamolegos invested in the production facility and the privately owned vineyards, producing wine of protected designation of origin (PDO) for the first time. Almost 15 years later, our wines keep earning prizes at international and domestic competitions while our export activities continue to grow on a yearly basis: we are currently the third largest winery of Santorini in terms of production volume.

Artemis Karamolegos Winery combines a great respect for Santorini’s winemaking traditions with a modern outlook and constant investment in our vineyards and in wine making equipment. This has made them one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing wineries in Santorini.

It has won many prestigious awards in both domestic and international competitions. One of the most significant is the Judges’ Selection award for our Santorini 2016 as best Greek white wine in the TEXSOM IWA 2017 competition: It is the most important wine competition in the USA and one of the most important in the world!

The winery participates in major international exhibitions such as ProWein, distributes its wines all over Greece through Vinalia and also exports to major overseas markets such as the US, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Cyprus, Japan, Denmark, the Netherlands.

 Artemis Karamolegos Winery traces its roots back to 1952. It is inextricably linked to Santorini’s volcanic vineyards and winemaking tradition.

It manages its own private vineyards and also cooperating producers’ vineyards in Kamari, Messaria, Exo Gonia, Pyrgos, Megalochori and Akrotiri, and also buys grapes from local producers.

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