About Us

Our Caldera Story

One day, we were walking on the Caldera of Santorini and thought: “Anyone should be able to have a touch of the vibes of this unique island”. That’s how “Santora” started, picking everything that carries a scent, a vibe of living at the Caldera. Small things with great details can bring the Santorini aura in every home. A bath with a volcanic soap, a salad with a greek olive oil, a sponge brought from the bottoms of the Aegean Sea… all of these are a window to this aura. Anyone should be able to smell, taste and experience Santorini.

The Founder

The Founder, Danae Sierra

My name is Danae Sierra, I was born and raised in Greece and I have been working as an Art Director. Santorini was the answer to my search of beauty and was generous with the pleasure of my senses. I hope that every person in this world can either visit Santorini once in their life or at least have a piece of it. 

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